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4/8/16 Channel H.264

Standalone Digital Video Recorder

User Manual


1 Production Introduction

1.1 Product overview

The 4/8/16 CH series DVR is designed specially for security and defense field which is an outstanding digital surveillance product. It introduces embedded LINUX operating system that is more stable. It introduces standard H.264mp video compressed format and G.711A audio compressed format, which insures the high quality image, low error coding ratio and single frame playing. It introduces TCP/IP network technology that achieves the strong network communication ability and telecommunication ability. The series DVR can be used individually or online applied as a part of a safety surveillance network. With the professional network video surveillance software it achieves the strong network communication ability and telecommunication ability. The series DVR can be applied in the bank, telecom, electric power system, judicial system, transportation, intelligent housing, factory, storehouse, water conservancy and so on.

1.2 Main functions

Real-time surveillance

·Analog interface and VGA interface (VGA interface is equipped selectively)

·Surveillance function through monitor or display


·Non-working hard disk dormancy processing which is convenient to radiate heat, reduce power and extend the life span

·Special storage format, which insures the data safety


·Real-time compression by individual hard disk, which insures the audio and video signal stable synchronization



·Through SATA interface and USB interface such as USB equipment, removable hard disk and so on

·Through net download the files in the hard disk


·Individual real-time video recording as well as searching, playback, network surveillance, recording check, downloading and so on

·Multi-playback mode

·Zoom at arbitrary region

Net operating

·Through net Tele-surveillance in the real time

·Tele-PTZ control

·Tele-recording check and real-time playback

Alarm linkage

·Multi-route relay alarm output, which is convenient for the alarm linkage and light control at the spot

·Protecting circuits at the alarm input and output interface which protects the main machine from damage Communication interface

·RS485 interface which fulfills the alarm input and PTZ control

·Standard Ethernet network interface which fulfills the telecommuting function.



Intelligent operating

·Mouse action function

·Fast copy and paste operating for the same setting



2 Open-package check and cable connections

2.1 Open-package check

When you receive the DVR, please check first.

First, please check whether there is any visible damage to the package appearance. The protective materials used for the package

of the DVR can protect most accidental clashes during transportation.

Then, please open the box and get rid off the plastic protective materials. Check whether there is any visible damage to the DVR appearance. At last, please open the machine crust and check the data wire in the front panel, power wire, the connection between the fan power and the main board.

Front panel and rear panel

¨The key function specification in the front panel and the interface specification in the real panel are in the specification.

¨Please check the product type in the front panel whether is accordant with the product type you order.

The label in the real panel is very important for the after service. Please protect it carefully. When you contact us for after service, please provide the product type and serial number in the label.

2.2 Hard disk installation

For the first useplease install the hard disk.


Dvr manual picture

Vision cam 16 channel dvr user manual english



  • Remove the screws on both sides of shell
  • Gently break apart the cover and put the back-end
  • Then, extracted from the next cover up

  • will be hard placed to the hard seat
  • fix the screw of hard disk
  • connect the power wire and Cable


  • Installation of the superstructure, the first front-end alignment
  • The back-end, gently break apart, and under the pressure Gehao



2.3 Front panel

Front panel diagram, please mainly in kind.


4/8/16 Channel H.264

Standalone Digital Video Recorder

User Manual



No. Icon / Connector Function Function Description Instructions
1 Power status light Red lights for the start-state Then after power-up, open the rear panel power switch, lights
Network Status lights Green lights for the network connection, and the normal connection The network cable directly into the network interface after the panel, lights
Video Status lights Green lights to open the video, and the device is recording Equipment installed hard disk, press the button to open the video panel after the lights
2 Remote Control Receiver Terminal Aligned using a remote control, remote control can operate
3 Software Power switch Running in the system directly boot software shutdown, and software Software Shutdown: Hold down the button and 3 seconds, with the progress demonstrated that the system into the software turned off, the power light eliminate. Software start: You must start before entering the software, clicking on this button that can be opened to the power lights.
4 Function calls key Special function keys To use some special features, you can call the FN, functional set up or operation of
5 Video Search Retrieve the video files can be directly
6 PTZ Into the camera’s PTZ Control Where in the system set up after set up PTZ into a single screen, Click button to enter PTZ control window, which can operate the camera
7 Main Menu Transferred out of the system Main Menu Press the function can be directly transferred out of the system main menu.
8 Video Video Switches Button brings up the window closed to open video
9 Keys The cursor keys, the key is to identify and invoke the main menu Control the direction of the cursor in the preview where you can switch by 1/4/8/9/16 points on-screen display.
10 USB Can connect USB devices U disk upgrade or mouse and other USB devices
11 Video playback or pause Video playback and pause button Playback can be directly transferred out of the window, group back to video playback and Pause
12 Upend For video upside down The video can be played into the upside down
13 SLOW Play video on the operation of the slow-release There are four slow motion, according to one plus one is added automatically return to a four
14 Quick release For broadcast video operators to quickly release There are four quick release, according to one plus one is added automatically return to a four
15 Stop p playing video Stop being playing video
16 Back / Cancel Back to an operation, or cancel the current operation Back to an operation, or cancel the current operation